Turning thirtyyyy nine!

Hi Friends!

I just wanted to take a few minutes (before I pass out) and say thank you so much for all the #facebook love on this last thirties birthday. You really know how to make me feel special. I haven’t gotten the chance to comment, love all your comments, but I will. THANK YOU for taking the time to show me your love!

Last but not least, I don’t really like asking people for money, but since I participated in a FB Birthday Fundraiser for Cameron House, I am beyond humbled from the generousity of my friends who donated when I asked. In no particular order:

  • GH Armour — I am coming to Nashville this year.  Can a girl just surprise you tho!?! I love you and George so much.
  • Kristine H – Sweetheart — Thank you!!!!
  • Hung – So Kind!!! We have to hang out!
  • Kristina C – My pageant sister forever.  I’ll never forget the first time hearing you in the same room. Man that was 2000!!! 18 years ago!
  • Wong Ka Lum/Anna – GIRL!!!! When is our Vegas Reunion. I have so much fun with you.
  • Tony M — Oh my heart explodes every time we engage in conversation because you’ve taught me so much. Thank you my interview coach for always putting a smile on my face. There are no words. I love you, Coach Tony!!!!
  • Peter H –  Thank you, Thank you, Per Se 🙂
  • Wei B —  so so so so so much love girl.  Thank you soooo much.
  • Joanna — See above same comment as Wong Ka Lum.  heheh thank you Lady!!
  • Grace — melt my heart, thank gorgeous!!!!
  • Jonathan T — OMG, what a surprise and long time no see college friend, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!
  • Wayne — Soooo Generous! Thank you friend!
  • Alifa aka Fa — You are the sweetest girl ever. I heart you my friend.
  • Nima — my fearless Bollywood Teacher —  You are the BEST!!! Your classes kick my ass every damm time. In my mind, I’m saying to myself… oh its nima’s turn. i need to breathe. Get ready to sweat! you are the bomb.
  • Janet — My Big Sister, my forever friend. We always pick up where we last left off. Your support, your love puts tears in my eyes because I know you care so much. (I’m crying right now). Thank you for always being my support system when times are rough and times are good. Thank you, sis!

PS. Here are a few photos from #BevsBirthdayTour in three countries (#Mexico, #HongKong, #Singapore)!!! The last one is in San Francisco this weekend with my closest friends 🙂 see you soon, SF!


Hong Kong — Ophelia Night Club


My #otherforeverdate #SleeandBevAdventures. thank you for my birtttthday hairrrr


HK Mira Crew


Thank you Magnus and Erik for taking care of the girls!!


The BFF Ericka with a K in Tulum. 


My Ying/ Yang Franny & I @GAO Soft Opening Week. 


Singapore — I can’t wait to come back 🙂 Love you, Carol!


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

With lots of love,

xoxo, Bev

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