Happy Father’s Day DAD!

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dad’s!!! This post is dedicated to my #DaddyYip.

Not sure where to begin with this post, but I am so blessed to be born to my set of parents, and I wouldn’t trade them for anyone else. They are more than family, they (act) like they’re my friends.  I love sports, because growing up in our household, that’s pretty much all my Dad watches on Sundays. These days, I take my Dad to sports bars w/ me any chance I get, especially if there’s a big game on TV.  My Dad is the biggest sports fan you’ll ever meet. I’m always looking for a side gig for him on the Chinese Radio Station as a sportscaster. He doesn’t even need to get paid. He’s that good! Speaking of sports, that’s also (one of the) biggest requirements for my future husband — you have to love sports, or my Dad probably won’t talk to you, ha!

We share the love for business.

When I first started Especially Yours Chair Covers and Linens in 2004, my Dad and I would go to the laundrymat to launder all the Chair covers together. Some days, he would even go set up the events with me! Talk about #FreeLabor! hehe! Prior to my Dad’s accident in 1991, he worked at R & G Lounge and was pretty much everyone’s favorite waiter. Before R &G, he owned a restaurant in North Beach, and before that, he worked at the imfaous Yuet Lee Restaurant in Chinatown.

My Dad has always taught me never to take short cuts. ALWAYS give 110% effort and be fair. He’s the kindess person I’ve ever met, hands down. I am so grateful to have him as a role model in my life, as I live my own life (with his examples).

Before I started QUA, The Spa at Soma Grand, we hunted for commerical spaces together and he’s always been there for me From Day 1. He showed up everyday during the construction process, always stopped by the spa to drop off anything I needed. There’s not enough words to describe the way he supports me.

Most importantly, he is my purpose and my only Birthday wish, every year. 

Some of my friends have met or seen via photos of my Dad. He has been a #paraplegic for the last 27 years. Before his injury, we played play ping pong together in Chinatown and hung out on Sundays. I felt like the luckiest little girl in the world, with a fun Dad, (correction), I still feel like the luckiest girl in the world. Nowadays, though he has limited mobility, he still shops for my groceries and finds me the best gifts to make me happy. All because he cares so much.

Will he ever walk again? I don’t know, but that’s my wish, my hope and I’ll do everything it takes to give him his mobilty back via stem cell reseach. An article published in 2017 article explains “We are not there yet – but there is hope”.  Long story short, my Dad has a spinal cord injury that damaged his nerve cells, leaving him paralyized from the waist down. I am #hopeful #stayingpositive that one day, he can walk me down the aisle, or we can do our first father/daughter dance together.

To learn more: http://theconversation.com/yes-theres-hope-but-treating-spinal-injuries-with-stem-cells-is-not-a-reality-yet-72493

Dearest Friends & Community: If anyone has connections to the clinical trials for #stemcellresearch, please let me know. I’d love to be part of the discussion.

With all my Love.

Happy Father’s Day to my Dad, the best Dad ever. Thank you for your humor, your generosity and the sacrifices you made for your 7 siblings, and our family.

I love you so much. (Mom, Bro, Dad and I)

at our cousins Billy and Elena’s Wedding in March 2018.IMG_7534.jpg

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