Follow Up to Egg Freezing…

Hi Friends!
It’s March! Time Flies! It’s been 5 months and I’ve been wanting to write an update to follow up on my Egg Freezing experience (post below) and how I’ve been doing since the procedure.

First of all, THANK YOU for everyone who texted and messaged me the last few days regarding the PFC’s cryostorage malfunction story that recently surfaced.  DL messaged me as soon as he heard and wanted me to make sure I was aware. It’s such an unfortunate situation that happened and I pray for those affected by this tragic accident.  I did not go to PFC. I went to UCSF Fertility Clinic.   Unfortunately, 6 degrees of separation, I do know someone who knows someone else who was affected. yikes! 😦 #supersad

After my procedure and sharing my story on Facebook, Instagram, I’ve had a lot of friends (females/males) write to me and told me how strong I was to open up in such a public space on such a personal matter. Let me be the first to tell you, I only shared it w/ the public because I want more women (my age or even younger) to know if I can do it, so you can you.   I don’t consider myself “strong” or in the best health/shape but it’s really for your future, as an option.  Whether or not you want kids, this is a good insurance to have.  I recently found out one of my good friends donated her eggs to a family member who couldn’t get pregnant on her own. What a hero! Another  best part from all of this is, the countless conversations with so many women these last 5 months that are considering Egg Freezing. This experience made it  ALL WORTH  it for me to open up.

What now? I went back to UCSF for a consultation for another round, suggested by my doctor, Dr. Fugimoto. Gawwwd, I’m thinking to myself. I have to do this all over again. It’s not that bad, to commit to the needles and clinic visits. But then again, I’ve been lagging on this since January.  Why do I want to do it again? I already have 8 eggs stored and doctor recommends at least 20. The cost also went up from last year. The meds are less than $1K and the below is the Actual Cost at UCSF. It’s about $9,100, all in. I do believe they have payment plans for those who are considering it this year.

So, Yep. I’m probably going to do it. Writing about it now, I should call UCSF and schedule my appointment. ha! Here’s the fee schedule to those who asked:


What am I up to now? Last year, after the procedure, the travel bug hit me and it hit me HARDDDDD. I went to 6 countries in 2 months! Goodness Gracious! I came back and I said I need to get back to work!!!! Work update will be another longer post as I have so many experiences I want to write about. Sharing with you, my friends, on my journey to #entrepreneurship, starting and closing a business and the (hard) lesson’s I’ve learned along the way.

Again, Thank you friends who reached out to me about the story above.   Thank you for always thinking of me!

 with so much love, xoxo Bev


PS. Here’s a (part 1) video below from our girlfriends trip to #LosCabos in January! Enjoy! #WestinHotels


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